December 8, 2010

Moving Again

Well, the place we have been living has sold and we are moving yet again.

We have treasured our time in the one room "mother-in-law" apartment we have been blessed to live in for the past 9 months. We were house sitting while it was for sale, and enjoyed the 22 acres of Labrador Heaven along with our pups. Memories of playing fetch with them, exploring the acres, cooking out, and enjoying a good fire under the Texas sky will be greatly treasured from our time here.

But, it is time to move on to another adventure yet again. Tonight is our last night out there before we move to town. We look forward to cell phone service, bedroom doors, and a a fenced yard.

I am reminding myself constantly how good it is to be sad about moving. I am so thankful that our time there has been so good that it is hard to move on. I expect I will feel the same about the little house we are moving into now...someday.

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