March 18, 2012

3 Year Olds

For the record - I love 3 year olds. Its the age I get to teach at preschool (though they are rapidly turning into still amazing 4 year olds) and it is the age all of my nieces turned this week!

Happy Birthday Kinley & Ansley!
We got to travel to Ft. Worth last weekend for my brother's twin girls birthday party and had so much fun! They had a great party at the amazing indoor playground at The Hills. Their mom, Katie, went all out on amazing breakfast foods, great decorations and party favors. It brings me incredible joy to see these happy, healthy, beautiful girls who only 3 years ago were premature tiny babies covered in tubes. It broke my heart to greet my new nieces while they laid tiny and alone in their incubated beds. Watching them run and play, happy and healthy 3 years later is all the sweeter for it! They are so much fun to be with! I look forward to my time with them more and more. It was fun to watch them play with their friends, open presents, and talk with friends and family.

After the party we got to go back to their house to open a few more presents and of course play with the dogs. It was raining outside, afterall, why not take the kids out in it to play fetch with the labs in the pool?  Poor Molly, my brother's yellow lab, could never overcome her fear of jumping in the clear water so had to whimper and watch while Reyah fulfilled the retriever duty. It was probably a sign of intellegience on Molly's part, but alas, nothing will come between Reyah and her ball! Reyah wasn't thrilled about jumping in the pool either, it's much different from running into a pond, but she had a good time anyway and the girls loved throwing the ball in and watching her jump in and swim to get it!
Amazing form! :) 

My brother, Jason, and Geoff

We spent the previous night in Dallas staying with my sister Jana, and her husband, Justin. They are great hosts, and we always look forward to our time with them. It was so fun to get to spend time with the whole family.

Ruby helping dad on his bday

This weekend we planned to travel to Abilene to see Geoff's sister's 3 year old, Ruby, but their plans changed so we haven't been able to celebrate with her yet - but soon! We always enjoy spending time with Ruby and treasure every opportunity.  Ruby is a passionate, spirited, joy filled little lady, always entertaining and pretty cute to top it off! I love watching her sing favorite songs from church - there's little better than watching kids find joy in their Lord.  We were disappointed that we didn't get to see her on her birthday weekend but were thankful to be able to spend a couple of hours with Geoff's parents - and we got to see at least a few of his siblings as well!

The closer we get to moving from Early and beginning our transition to Ecuador, the more we treasure our time with family and friends. What strikes me most about this is how much we take for granted that we "can" go see each other anytime. I should treasure these times just as much whether we were moving out of the country, or living in the same town. Perspective is everything. Who are we to know what tomorrow holds - treasure the time you get to spend with those you love today.


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