June 20, 2006

Canaan Bound

The words with which i long to write this entry have continued to escape me, but i MUST go ahead and announce the greatest, newest, most amazing change that has come into my life. I left Hawaii, prepared only to take that next step i knew was before me...i traveled to israel. My journey there led me through lands i'd traveled before...And prepared me (though i unaware) for what would meet me in israel...or should i say...who i would meet? I think it best to say we met each other...for though friends in college...i did not expect in the least what happened when Geoff Carroll came into my life again.

It would be fair to say i'd been his secret admirer in college...though commitment to other situations kept me far from more. We ran into each other throughout our times at ACU, though we were continually passing each other as we hoped countries. My earliest memory of Geoff was hearing his name when a friend, frustrated at my inability to stay around long enough to hang out, said, "you and Geoff Carroll, just when we think you're in the country, you're leaving again!" I'd laughed then, but heard his name often enough. Considering all, we're amazed at how long we avoided each other. But let me just say...We don't plan to do that anymore ;)
Geoff is an amazing man of GOD. I have admired him for years, for good reason. Whether noticing him study in the library, or laughing at him in our Kajukembo class, or hearing of him MOST often through my friends (he has no idea how desired he was by the ladies in college...i'm SO okay with that!!), or running into him in the Bible building for inspirational conversations with friends...to my favorite...watching him overflow with joy and Love as the worship leader at Hope Church in Abilene. He is a man who seeks the heart of GOD with as much passion as anyone i've ever known. I love that about him. My common yearning for the LORD'S Graciousness draws me to him incredibly. He's a good man. I don't mind telling more about him...you'll have to call for details ;) but more than anything, i am drawn more into the LORD when around him than with anyone i've ever known...and i've known some amazing people, sisters and brothers alike! The pain of past struggles is overwhelmed when i am with him...i'm allowed to dream about all i've ever longs for...and he LOVES for me too! it's so refreshing...Redeeming even. I see JESUS in him...and that's what...rather, WHO, i long for. Blessed be HIS NAME!!!!!
Please keep us in prayer as we pursue our Master's direction. We feel very assured of HIS leading thus far (though we laugh that we had all that time at ACU and had to go to ISRAEL to figure it out!!!), and TRUST that HE will continue to make straight the way before us, as we ask for those Ancient Paths!
"...take me by my arm, Tomorrow we are Canaan bound...Where westward sails the golden sun, and Hebron's hills are amber crowned. So bid your troubled heart be still, the grass, they say, is soft and green - the trees are tall and honey-filled - so come and walk with me..."


G'ampa C said...

Well, my friend, it seems you have news....and I have to hear it on the WWW?
Have you forgotten me? I'm crushed.
Seek first His kingdom, and if you find Geoff there, GO FOR IT.
Love you.
The Old Geezer from Abilene.

Geoff said...

Does this mean I get to post on your blog now, Jamie? :-) I bless G-d for you, girl!


ElanorJoy said...

Wow, what a blessing! I sent you a message on facebook and then checked out your blog, which explained things more. I'm so happy for you!! God bless you both in your love.

Kelli said...

Hello, sweet Jamie! I hear you're working at South Mac this summer - funny how we've sort of switched off working for the same churches! I hope you'll love it as much as I did.

So Amber Joy and I will be passing through on our way to Israel... whatcha up to on July 3rd? I haven't run this by Amber yet and don't know what our schedule will be like... but maybe we could meet up? I was thinking it'd be fun to cruise through Irving anyway and see the fab Neill family if they're around...

I'm glad your time in Israel was so awesome! Nice pictures - what a great match!

Uh, sorry for the long long long comment. :)

jamie said...

Kelli! send me an email...jamielynn83@gmail.com or i'll try to get your contact info through Geoff...i'll be here on the third...just back from camp then...please come by!!!!! I hadn't thought about the switch church thing...that is funny! they miss you...i was terrified to find YOU'D preceeded me! What am i to do!?! they speak well of you...as do the Neill's...:) Love you girl

Jacque said...

Hey Jamie - just found your blog through Katie's. I've read most of your postings and you nearly made me cry several times. I miss you so much and I'm sorry your time in Oxford was so brief...and I'm even sorrier that it takes me so long to get used to people again! Love you much and can't wait to hear more. And glad to hear that your time in Israel was so...interesting! :)

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