July 15, 2006

Seeing the Seen

"Hear, you deaf; look, you blind, and see! Who is blind but my servant, and deaf like the messenger I send? Who is blind like the one committed to me, blind like the servant of the LORD? You have seen many things, but have paid no attention; your ears are open, but you hear nothing."
I hesitate to quote this scripture taken from the 42nd book of Isaiah...yet my mind is drawn to that entire chapter so much right now. I long to understand the depth of these words, the context...and i fear using them in the wrong way to express the conviction of my heart at present.
I cannot tell you that all is well in Israel, that the news always blows everything out of proportion (well, that may be true), or that there is nothing to worry about. The tensions in the Middle East are a very real issue...one hitting closer to home than ever before as Geoff remains in Israel. Though we hope to be reunited soon, i know that i have no hope but that in Christ no matter where in the world he, or any may be, at any time.
The frustration/longing on my heart at ths moment has everything to do with the emotions that the middle east tensions rouse. YES, it is an issue; it is a great evil to see the displacement of so many people, the blindness of so many who fight endlessly with each other. My frustration, however, is born of conviction to remind myself that a bomb in the physical realm is no more dangerous or alarming than the struggles of daily life....in fact, i value the bomb because it is so much EASIER to take seriously!!! The "smaller" issues in life often are overlooked as i continue on my way without staying my conviction, and i despise this. Aren't the sins of the heart much more tragic and destruction than anything that can happen in the physical realm? My pride, vanities, and worldly desires so often sway me as i justify time and again what is "permissible," and what is "Beneficial." I'm so tired of being told to "relax" about issues of REAL significance...and to be MORE alarmed about those that remain, and always WILL remain in the physical realm. Which "bomb" do i need to prepare more for? Do i fear man more than GOD, who has the power to save us for eternity?
I long to pursue only that which is the greatest in the Kingdom of G-D, to have nothing to do with godless chatter, vain conceits, or false ambitions...i long to SEE THEM for the DANGER they are...for surely, a missile may destroy ord damage physical realms...but it is not my physical self that is of greatest eternal significance.
Just as no one would recommend me (and yes, as i've begged Geoff) to go seeking out the areas of greatest tension in israel, to see if bombs really hurt...NO! C'mon! Be aware, do not seek out danger, but if the physical realm of tumult is neccessary to remind us...or rather REVEAL to us the relevant danger, then so be it.

I'm traveling with the youth group I'm working with this summer right now. We're on our way to Colorado. They watched a movie together tonight and i didn't. Perhaps i was wrong in this, it must have had a good meaning, but there were significant NOT good things in it as well. I have enough stuff to wade through to learn a lesson, and my personal commitments did not allow me to watch that film tonight. I am weak and in constant need of reminders, and if NOT watching a worthless flick is one way i avoid some "bombs" then BLESS IT L-RD...i need all the help i can get.
Please Pray for Geoff, his sister Amber and friend Kelli who are traveling together for the next couple weeks. Pray for their protection, and ministry while they are there...and pray that they would return soon to us...where we will await together the L-RD'S calling for prayer, ministry, and possible return to Israel.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Let's see that which lies in the spiritual realm as easily and significantly as that which is in the physical.


Donald Philip Simpson said...

Hello Jamie, my name is Donald and I am a friend of Geoff and Kelli - I met Amber once. I have left a message on Geoff's blog and found your link on his site. There are many of us who are concerned with how they are doing. Thanks for expressing your own concerns and call to prayer. There are many who join you in this. If you know anything about how our friends are, or when you do - please share. God's continued blessings in your own life and ministry. Thank you, dps

Geoff said...

I greatly appreciate the concern of those who are in the States. Many have emailed and asked how things are with us here. Know that we are all doing VERY well, and look forward to returning to the U.S. soon. Thank you for your prayers; please continue. And thanks Jamie, for being so supportive in the midst of this.

(By the way, which movie was it? I have a few guesses..."Jungle Book", "Rudy", "Saving Private Ryan", or perhaps "Newsies";-)

Aaron said...

i appreciated your entry, jamie. especially the scripture. i'll have to look that up. i don't remember ever reading it before. God bless.

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