July 19, 2006

All's Well

For all those who read my last hastily written blog...frogive any miscommunication, and/or worry it caused. All is well with Geoff, Kelli, and Amber.

I wrote the previous blog with no sleep, a bit of anxiety, no proof-reading, and a barely working "borrowed" wireless internet point!

But, they are well, and scheduled to be back in Texas SOON! I don't know WHEN Geoff is coming, since he has decided it would just be GREAT to surprise me, so we'll see if i survie that! However, i expect him sooner than later, and have been blessed with good conversation with him lately. He's been very patient with me, especially when i've worried a bit toooooo much about my man....but, praise the L-RD, he's well...but please pray for his papers to be finished so he can enjoy time with Amber and Kelli in Jerusalem before coming to TEXAS!!!!!

I love you all, blessings...and of course, do continue to PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM

And by the way, Colorado is just plain GORGEOUS, white water rafting was good and COLD...and i'm looking forward to seeing the horizon when i get back to Texas! The mountains are amazing, but it's amazing how much you miss the sun sinking away at the end of the day, melting into tomorrow...here it just hides behind the mountains early! I like the mountains, but bring me home to my big Texas sky!


Donald Philip Simpson said...

Even though I must disagree with you about choosing Texas over Colorado (I lived in Ft. Collins and Loveland for a total of about 8 months - snow and mountains will always win over big sky for me) - I appreciate the update on Kelli, Amber and Geoff. Blessings to you and I hope that Geoff's return is sooner than you think...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... big Texas sky, or amazing Colorado mountains. That's a tough one. Both are fabulous!
I enjoy your blogs, Jamie. It's as if I can read your heart. It too (like the mountains and sky) is beautiful!
Like you, I'm looking forward to the return of Geoff, Amber, and Kel!

Anonymous said...

Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.

Geoff said...

Hey Mom, that's MY line. Hook yo'r son up! :-)

I love you both!


Anonymous said...

Aloha Jamie...
Do you miss our HAWAIIAN sunsets... mabye just a little? We miss and love you and you are always in our prayers. How about some pictures? Maybe some of the Colorado Sunsets vs. Texas Sunsets vs. Hawaiian Sunsets so we can vote! Ha Ha! :) Also, a few more pictures of you and Geoff would be nice!(hint hint) The kids say "hi" and wish you would come back. I'll try to send some pictures your way soon.
Love,Jan and Mel

Anonymous said...

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