August 31, 2006

canaan-bound...OUR blog

Well, i know i haven't officially announced it via this blog contraption...but Geoff and i are officially engaged!!!! For more details on the Blessed proposal, you'll just have to see me in person...but in was the greatest honor of this earthly life to accept such a proposal from such a man.

For more info about Geoff and i, our wedding, our plans and other good stuff...check out our blog at Let us know what you think, and if you have questions, be SURE to let us know!

Blessings, please keep us in your prayers as we seek earnestly to follow our LORD in everything during this time. Our plans are still to go back to israel in october, but we beg prayers for wisdom, safety and support in that arena. Thank you for everything, blessings.

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Jessica said...

Congratulations, Jamie. I'm SO excited for you both. You are an amazing and special lady, I've known it ever since I first met you! I think you and Geoff will make an amazing team together as you pursue life together with our Lord.

YEAH!!!! :D Have a great wedding...wish I could be there!