September 12, 2006

Breaking Ground...

I titled this blog site "unplowed ground" many months ago in search of greater inspiration to pursue growth opportunities in every area of my heart, mind, and spirit. Such has been pursued, with vigor...and the LORD has kept me ever on the move...enhancing each day my desire to explore, taste, and discover.

My dreams overwhelm me as my life changes rapidly. I'm getting married...what is this about? a new family to love, to know, to understand...a husband to care for as the most important person on earth to me...a revolutionary change from what has been, to what will be.

The courtship has been somewhat "rapid" and such has allowed for hasty growth in areas of personal discovery as well. i find myself so challenged to know who i am as i allow Geoff to know me more each day. As he asks to understand certain responses i have to different situations, i have to figure out myself why i do what i do.

INTENTIONALITY has been the theme of our courtship, and our dreaming together. Be it concerning the wedding, our marriage, or our destination we plan our thoughts are bombarded with the desire to make EVERY decision count. I praise GOD for giving me a man who shares my hearts desire to find HIS meaning in this otherwise meaningless existence on earth. I long to make every decision, every moment, every action count for a greater expertion of love and truth.

I fail to do this so often. as we struggle to join families, learn differences, and anticipate the future while treasuring our pasts, emotions have guided me more than my mind at times. I regret this in of itself, though i value the lesson i am learning above all...i am not perfect...Geoff must love a sinner...i must allow him to. it is hard, i long to be all i can for i do for everyone...yet my own power is not sufficient for such goals.

Please keep Geoff and i in your prayers as we pursue our LOVE on HIGH. HE is our reason, our purpose, and our joy. As we've struggled with decisions concerning our return to Israel in october vs. staying in the states a year we find ourselves desperate to find that BEST decision among the GOOD ones available. We long to be refined. Thank you, all my friends and family, for all the support and encouragement you enrich our hearts with so fully. May GOD bless you eternally.


Keoni said...

I listen to a sermon about Philippians and it was very good. What is our focus in life? what makes our joy complete? where does the glory go? what was pauls attitude in jail and why was it so? Think about it. I need to constantly remind myself this, do you?

Love you enjoy your wedding dont let it pass you by.

lewismanson5219198029 said...
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