March 28, 2006

25 years and counting...

Aren't they just so cute??? :) 25 years dear brother Keoni met them at the airport with a formal lei greeting! (picture is of us outside the house i live in now).

Well, the anniversary went off well in Aloha land, in spite of rain and the neccesary mishaps that seem to join any planned occasion. :) It was fun to spend time with my parents and show them around the islands. Lanaii was a special treat for all of us...i hadn't seen that island, and it was such a blessing to visit the tranquility of that area. As Archie, long time family friend and our host on Lanai puts it, "If you can't find it on Lanai, you don't need it." With a couple upscale resorts, one nice restaurant, and a block of "town" Lanai has kept it simple allowing the beauty and peace to refresh all who invite it in.

In a world of "prosperity" and dollar chasing, simple pleasures often get overlooked. The beauty of being able to enjoy simplicity is paramount to the contented life everyone longs for. To be able to find rest no matte the situation - to find hope no matter where you are going.

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