March 3, 2006

Happy Silver Anniversary!!! I love you!

My parents are on their way very soon for their 25th Anniversary celebration...i'm excited! It has been so amazing to remember how much of a committment it takes to reach such a point in life. Talking with my siblings, we have been continually grateful for the love and nurture they have poured into each other and us all these years. May they be blessed abundantly for such an example, and may the Lord be pleased with the faithfulness they have learned from Him.

I am on my way to Honolulu to meet up with them on monday, to spend time with the dear Hanson family, and they arrive on Wednesday. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel and enjoy the beauty of the Lord!

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Mitzi Adams said...

I an excited for you and your parents as they celebrate 25! Have a great time showing them around the island(s).