May 9, 2006


Hallelujah, I have arrived!!! The flight was great and I spent the entire 5+ hours in a really blessed conversation with an older english/jewish woman whose finishing her Doctorate thesis covering a human study of silence and the holocaust...heavy stuff. Adopting a fairly athiestic view of the Creator God on the basis of not being able to understand the pain inflicted not only in the holocaust but throughout the world through all time, we had a passionate discussion that did not allow a moments rest! I don't always intend to get into such discussions, and was surprised at this one. British people aren't always up to such talk...especially the more mature...but ours lasted until the baggage pick up area with tears and goodbyes and "you can call me Mumsy." My heart broke toward the end of our fabulous dialogue as she confessed, "T'would be nice to think God really cared for me." Yes, and though I assured her He did, it is something He alone can reveal to the heart.

He has BLESSEDLY revealed that to my heart and my strength is found in nothing else. My immedate arrival in Israel was not encouraging as my car rental price sky rocketed, loneliness took hold, and whew...i was about ready to book it back. Being exhausted did not help, but it was strange to feel so lonely. I have traveled alone so much, but here it is very challenging. There is so much to see and experience, and i hate to do it alone. Praise the Lord though, i finally found a Great place to stay at the Christ CHurch Guest House inside Jaffa Gate in teh Old City. I can't stay but a couple nights as it costs more than my budgetted hostel, but I took the blessing of a safe, comfortable, Christian place while i'm getting aquainted with the area. A nap and shower made life better and Jerusalem more inviting! At 6:30 i miraculously found the place i was meeting Geoff Carroll, an old aquainatance from ACU who is studying at the Hebrew University here in Jerusalem. He is now so a best friend...never have i been so glad to see a familiar face! We went to a Bible study that blew my world...they all so know Hebrew, though were all around my age and the conversations inspired me so very much. I LOVED not knowing what was going on! Often in Bible studies i get irritated longing for greater MEAT in the subject matter rather than rehashing what's been hashed long before. I treasure the simplicity of the basics, but long to be dumbfounded a bit more! It happened!

I lost my watch so this morning when the first light finally showed up i was ready to go, hoping it was 7:30 so i could eat and get on with the touring...adn it was hardly 6., more study time was allowed, and was so good, and now i'm off to the Temple Mount. Pray for my wrist please, i lost my brace so it's irritating me a bit...but not too bad considering. Typing always helps. :)

I'm eagerly anticipating having my own tour guide, Geoff later this day and week...and will keep you all informed. AND, while praying for my wrist...pray that i can figure out this bus system, ooooiii!!!

Love you all, miss you much and wish so much that any or ALL of you could be here with me now!! Yet, i treasure this time i have to seek the Lord, and have never been so thankful to have HIS presence always here.


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