May 20, 2006

Walk Like An Egyptian....

"Do not go just one mile...go with them TWO miles..."

If you're going to know someone at all, you have to walk in their shoes. The middle-eastern struggle for peace is as old as time itself and the images flashed on every home television provide impersonal recognition of real issues at best. I long to taste, to touch, to embrace, to feel, to KNOW every reality as much as possible for the Glory of our Creator. I grieve any moment i look upon someone's sorrow and recognize clearly only that I am unable to connect in any way with them. Coming to the middle east has allowed the images on television to come closer to home, though i still long for greater compassion.

I was offered an opportunity to travel to Egypt after meeting up with a few people on their way there. I wasn't going to travel alone, but this opportunity was too much so i took this trip of a lifetime for a very brief moment.

Many details should be added, but we managed to arrive, to witness the struggle for survival in Israel's neighboring third world country, while rejoicing in the amazing architecture of the ancients. Did the israelites labor on the pyramids? Touching ancient clay bricks, much the same if not the very bricks israelites once toiled in bondage to make brought a greater connection to the past than many other events. To see the committment necessary overwhelmed me.

To struggle through the necessary police escorts, the obvious tourist tension, and the threats that seemed upon us (if we watched the news) was freeing in itself. We did have to be careful, there was a threat...this was what made me want to go. I'm so tired of any person being a distant understanding, and on this two day trek the LORD allowed me to see two muslim weddings, be invited into one gorgeous families home, go on a nile river dinner cruise, tour the pyramids, ride a camel, and feast on shish-kebab. Hallelujah...i love the arab people...i pray for their peace. Please do the was a BLESSED trip. PRaise He who is More than WORTHY.

I'm back in Israel now, had a marvelous camping trip to mt. arbel last night around the galilee, and am curious to know what's next!!! i'll keep you posted...blessings in HIM.


Jessica said...

Hi Jamie!

Long time no see! I found your blog via a link on Geoff's. :D We are in Taiwan now, so if your itchy travelling feet take you to Asia, you're welcome to stay with us.

I love all of your've been a busy little traveller over the last few months!!!

Sounds like all is going well...may you continue to be drawn closer to Him as you step out in faith and grow in Trust. (=


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