May 7, 2006


It feels good to be home! It's amazing to me how much some places can invite the inner joy out of you so very much! I love this place, though it is a place i have been broken, and challenged more than any other. So much growth, change, and LOVE happened in this land, and i am forever grateful. It has been wonderful to walk around reliving favorite memories, eating my favorite foods...and being shocked at even the Kebab vendor who after2 years remembered how much i really do like three scoops of his wife's chili sauce on my donor kebab!! Hallelujah!!!

I'm on my way to a brief visit at st. aldates having just left the Jesus Fellowship group whose love and family i have very much missed. its so amazing to be so loved all over this world! And, i got a few more addresses even there of places in Israel...that's good, i may afford this trip yet!!! i have to go catch a plane, i'll write more of the delicious time i've had in Oxford when i have another chance. All i can say for now is that the Hebrew University will have to be pretty incredible to get my dibs over returning to the program i looked at here in oxford!

I love you all, thank you for your prayers, please continue them!!!! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and Oxford, and every region that burns in your heart like a fire that will not go out!

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