September 10, 2005

Dolphin Time!!!

Yeah! I was finally able to get in the water today for a surprise encounter with my favorite dolphin! His name, Kolohe (coal-o-hey), means Rascal, which he is. Ten dolphins live in our lagoon, most all of whom were born here. After charging, checking in, and watching several people partake in one of our programs, it was VERY good to actually experience what it was all really about!

I wasn't expecting to swim with the dolphins today, and was thankfully wearing my swimsuit underneath my work uniform! (It's sometimes nice to go to work with my swimsuit on underneath so that when the day feels long, one can think that they're just on the way to the beach and running a few errands on the for me.)

That was a fun part of the day, but the day started much better than any previous as we were finally able to have a "Lead" meaning with the supervisor, Diana. She's a very sweet lady, who longs for us to be "happy," and to be a friend even more than a boss. In case some do not know what job it is that I've taken...let me explain...I'm still trying to understand! My assigned role is to be a "Customer Service Lead." This means that I understand EVERYTHING about the company as far as retail, charging, check-in, program info, and most importantly, how to fix problems with our direct customer service. I have been shuffling through the learning of the EVERYTHING but today I was finally able to invest some of that. There are three "Leads," including Jason, Ty, and myself. Our meeting with Diana was good. I put myself in charge of typing up the "minutes" of the meeting to send off to all the top managers, and LOVED IT!! Finally I felt useful as one of the big problems was solved...and my General Manager seemed quite impressed. It's nice to have a bit of affirmation every once in a while. Today went much more smoothly than ever concerning the issue we were trying to fix. It was an easy solution, as many are, just needed to be seen and dealt with. Whew...there's hope for me here yet.

My fellow Leads are in the picture at right (Ty next to me, Jason next to her), as we're giving Kolohe a signal to splash us...which he did. As you can see I'm very turned around...the water was cold and I'm just not way into fishy salt water yet...which Mike, our trainer was way to aware of. I got splashed a lot. The other girl with us was in a regular program and we were joining her since there were no others signed up. One of our interns was so excited for she was convinced that she was a girl on a tv show called the Bachelor, so I don't know if that's a good thing or not...but she was really nice, and loved the program!

After work I went to the carnival in Kona with Keone, Ty and her husband and CUTE 3 year old boy. Very fun. There was a great Reggae band playing and Keone just couldn't help but get up and dance by the stage when the singer called for it...Though no one else moved. I was urged forward, but bowed out gracefully...I am injured you know!! Then I went on one of those very spinny, topsy, turvy rides and thought only my flip flops had surrendered to gravity. However, I was then handed my cell phone, which was in a few pieces. I have no idea how it got out of my pocket...but I also don't know how that ride was legal. Good news though! It still works!!! It was already broken, and though the screen design is changed a bit, it still makes and receives calls quite well! I am SO impressed!

Pray for Keone (Key-own-E). We were able to have a really good talk tonight. He'll be a really good lil' brother here. His birthday is three days before my best, real little brothers! Neat guy, has survived a lot. His mother died suddenly in bed when he was in eighth grade (he found her) and he has been all but raising his twin sisters (now 13) on his own since. Very strong spirited, mature, ambitious young man. I was able to meet them tonight and they are precious!!! But please do pray for him to come to know the Lord. We were able to talk and he is one of FEW who have shown any desire for something deeper than the often very shallow "laid back" lifestyle of the "Islands." Pray also for a girl named Selena, and for my boss Diana, and for ALL those at my workplace and on the Island...but those by name for now.

Please also continue praying for the Spiritual life of those who have received Christ and are now striving to be a part of the Body! Like me!!! The church I have been meeting with, although only 8 people, has been struggling with the Leader...ship and the differing clapping. It caused a bit too much commotion this Wednesday, and many just long to worship!!!

Hallelujah, I miss you, I'll see you soon! Aloha,

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