September 9, 2005



Yes, I did intend to update this more regularly, but for fear of rambling on without stopping, I choose many nights to not even "go there!" However, tonight I will as I am spurred on by the hope and anticipation that I plan to be in TEXAS in less than a week!!! I never knew I could be so happy about such a thing! I have missed the good land, and great people before, but WOW, this is almost too much.

It has been hard here, to be honest, but I am learning to take every day at a time - and in each have found enough strength to continue on. However, I despise simply "getting by" for I LONG to prosper, and to bless and to BE USEFUL TO THE KINGDOM OF GOD!! I am so thankful for the job that I have, but it is disappointing at times. I'm doing more retail work than direct customer service, and the learning stage is never my favorite. :) I sat down with my boss today though and had a good, very honest talk about everything going on. She is very sweet and has blessed me many days with her patience and understanding.

There are interesting aspects about my job however...our VIP of the day was Wayne Newton for example. That was kind of fun, and he has an ADORABLE little girl! But, I feel bad for his wife...her left ring finger must get sooo sore under all that weight...all the other girls didn't seem so sympathetic though.

I am so hungry for spiritual community right now. It is hard to work in such a worldy environment and to not be surrounded at the end of the day with those who can remind you, and rejoice with you about Who we are in Christ Jesus our Lord. But it is good to learn to trust in Him to supply all needed.

I overheard two ladies talking at Starbucks last week and they definately mentioned the name of Jesus a few times....and I pulled up a chair. After they got over the shock of not knowing what i was doing, I explained how GREAT it was to hear people talking about my Lord! They laughed and told me about some fellowships that I have been trying to seek out. Today I was supposed to meet with one of those ladies, Kristy, who is a leader in the Youth With A Mission program base over here, tonight for a worship gathering. I got through work hoping for this, and was very disappointed when everything that could go wrong, did go wrong when closing the I got off work later than ever and was too late to drive an hour to Kona where the worship was being held. Very sad, but very beautiful sunset still! I was surely in awe.

Please keep praying for me, and my physical health especially. I had to call in an hour late to work this morning (very embarrassing) because I couldn't move well this morning as I had a nice fall yesterday when my back didn't cooperate in the most graceful of ways! After prayerful stretching, and the usual ice...I was on my way. Small delay, and I don't want to complain about the pains, but I do long to move and act with my fullest potential! But, that is in the Lord's hands...and I'm trying to leave it there. :)

I miss you all more than you know, and pray for you very often. It is good to feel close in the Spirit of our Lord through prayer...Oceans and land masses have got nothing on the Spirit of Unity!!! The sunset tonight was beautiful, but I anxiously await its rising on me again in Texas! I love y'all, SEE YOU SOON!!!!

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