September 28, 2005

A Pilgrim's Problems...Solved!

It was Sunday night and I had been released from work in time to keep my hopes of attending the nightly service at a local church alive. The sun was setting as I drove down the lower road on my way to Kona, and I ventured off the road only briefly to watch the sunset. The road I had found this day had been cut through the lava field and the condition was only slightly smoother than the lava field itself. My car has great heart, and full of confidence we made it down this four wheel drive only road. It was great fun!!! My car was enjoying showing off it's momentum as other handsome Toyota's simply stared in disbelief as we made our way skillfully toward to coast. And I'll have you know, we'd have made that trip except for one small problem...something broke.

So, my car and I had a moment of silence as we sat only yards from our coastline goal. The sunset was beautiful, begging an audience of admirers, so I climbed out on the nearby piles of black lava and enjoyed it's beauty, neverminding the empending problem of being stranded by nightfall.

After the sun had set, and I had talked to a few friends via cellphone, I began a long trek back to the highway. My car had not simply broken completely as I had feared, but was only stuck in reverse. My gear stick was uselessly floating about as I FURTHER impressed the admiring Toyota's by going BACKWARD on the impossibly rocky road. Oh yeah, I know my car was strutting...we made it out just fine.

I decided to make it back to work to ensure that I would have a job the next day and begain a long venture of driving over 20 miles that night, in reverese. Wow. Tis betterto go forward than backward on the straight and narrow road. Trust me. But, alas, a few hours and a crick in the neck later I was safely back in the employee parking lot, only slightly depressed at missing the Church meeting...again. I will make it soon. I am only encouraged by the struggle to make it to the fellowship!

I napped until work, caught the shuttle, and considered my options while at work all day. I determined my only option was to figure out how to fix the problem myself. Hopefully. So, after work I disassembled my console, and learned more than ever about how that whole gear shifting thing worked. I was told that it was my "linkage" that broke. I don't was the thing that the stick is attached to...looked more like an elbow to me. So, I ducked taped my "elbow" together and I'll have you know that the Cricket is running just fine!!! I had help from Jason, my co-worker in getting the tape tight enough, and we were set by sunset. Yeah!!!!! No worries, i'll make it to that Church service soon...I'm sure of it!

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Deb Williams said...

Hi Jamie,
I have both Ross Baldwin and Katie Noah in classes I'm teaching this semester. My family and I lived for several years on the Big Island while he preached for the Kona Church of Christ. This past summer, he preached for the Church in June and for the Kohala Church (for Gary Lyons) in July. We enjoyed catching up with our friends, though the churches are small.

The Big Island has many precious people, and I'm glad you're getting to have these experiences. Ross wanted me to contact you with information on some of the younger Christians there, but Katie said that you had met Jessica Brown and Maria in Kapa'au--the main two I'd have you contact. Give them our family's love, and enjoy your time in Hawaii.

Dr. Deb Williams