April 3, 2006

Beaches, Bikes and Grease

The sun poured through the wide windows to greet me way too early this morning. Night jobs have their down sides, and waking up is most of it. Alas, the sun is as persistent as my best friend's morning Joyfullness...and only the memory of her dancing into my room so many months ago shouting, "This is the day the LORD has made!" got me to repent of my groaning to meet the new day.
It seemed the frequent rainstorms of late had allowed one more sunny day, so I got ready and headed down to the beach for morning worship. Hallelujah! What a priviledge to have fellowship! Service ended, I departed for some time alone with the LORD on "my" beach (a beautiful black sand, often overlooked and therefore often privite beach). I have treasured time to be outside, studying the waves and the pull of the ocean, writing poems as many seem inspired to do by the ocean. However, I still stand in awe, much more than I swim in peace! But, today, I dared to get in and swim for a while and found it more refreshing than imagined! (I know it sounds silly, i live in Hawaii, and rarely go swimming...it's true...i prefer being with LOTS of people, or in a kayak...I don't like the idea of being snuck up on by an large, ferocious goldfish.) But, it was good. Then I dropped off the work truck at my compadre's place, left him with instructions to pick me up when he caught up, and I headed north on my bike.

I have so enjoyed learning about Road biking. That lite little narrow wheeled wonder can fly, and requires a whole new discipline than I've mastered yet. But with pressure to get to the most northern resort, where the next job was, I made the best time yet on that bike!!! (I wondered later why I had rushed to get there, when all that's to great me is ungrateful GREASE...but, despite it's complaints, it is now shiny and spotless, thank you very much.)

"In a race, all the runners run, but only one gets the prize. Run in such a way as to get the prize...I beat my body and make it my slave so that in the end, after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize!"

This verse has often encouraged me on my runs. On biking now, a discipline that requires greater time and therefore endurance, I have learned even more. I bike for discipline's sake, for exercise and health...and mostly to learn about that last portion of verse above from 1 Corinthians.

It is so easy to preach...so easy to know what needs to be done. It is so easy to write out a work out schedule, to know how to eat right and stay in shape. It is so NECESSARY TO DO IT. I like Nike's Slogan, "JUST DO IT." I like Yoda's wisdom to Luke Skywalker, "Try not, do, or do not." I treasure Jesus words, "Be perfect, as I AM PERFECT."

With HIM all goals are accomplished. Our (my God and I) goal is not to win next years Ironman Triathlon prize...though I'd love to finish it someday. Our goal is to get me, and all His children, to THE PRIZE. Salvation, the goal of our Faith...LOVE, the meaning of Life in Him.

Pray with me, that we would have the strength to pedal hard for that one last mile, though the sun is hot, the legs are burning, and the breath is short. Pray with me, for this is the only goal worth putting our energies toward.

Perseverance, Character, Hope, Love.

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Joel Goudeau said...

That was awesome.

Thank you for those encouraging words.