April 23, 2006

Into the West

Finding "my beach," (a forgotten beautiful black sand hideaway) where I have spent hours in prayer, study, and thanksgiving; embracing the challenge and joy of road biking; spending time with people who Love the Lord Jesus and therefore love me; so many Riches have been poured out upon me during my sabbatical in Hawaii.

The itinerant pattern my life leads me on has allowed me to embrace the greatness of horizons. There is so much to see, discover, explore...embrace! There is great beauty in the world, "but to behold it, you must carry it within you." The Lord teaches me that. Though i seem to be always going, I have learned inevitabley to embrace every moment I have, living each to its potential. While some may say my constant "wandering" is a sign of restless discontent, i argue that my situations have only allowed a greater understanding of the necessity to seize every day for all it is worth...for who are we to boast about tomorrow, we do not know what the next day will hold. Never knowing how long I will remain in one place before traveling on I sometimes sigh at my circumstance, longing for the contentment of being "settled." Saying goodbye to those I grow to love deeply is always so hard. However, the Lord's Grace has sustained me mightily through many tearful seperations and even as i prepare for others tomorrow, I anticipate great joy knowing that I have been allowed to meet more beautiful souls all around this world than many ever know in a life time.

Surrounded by a GREAT cloud of witnesses, I Praise God for giving me the opportunity to wander the earth as a stranger...in search always and everywhere for signs of my one true Home. I do get Homesick, I long for Heaven, the pain in this world is prevelant. I'm thankful for such longing...and I pray it may only increase until the Blessed day I bow before my King, and feel at Home. May we all hunger so deeply for His Presence that we do not for a moment become so content in ourselves that we cease to Long Desperately after Him. He will call us Home, He is preparing a place for us...and will gather us together under His Wing as He has so longed to do. He bids us come to Him, and find rest...Come to Him and find Peace...Come to Him and find the Feast for which we all have hunger.

'Lay down your sweet and weary head
Night is falling; you have come to journey's end
Sleep now and dream of the ones who came before
They are calling from across a distant shore
Why do you weep? What are these tears upon your face?
Soon you will see all of your fears will pass away
Safe in my arms, you're only sleeping

What can you see on the horizon?
Why do the white gulls call?
Across the Sea a pale moon rises
The ships have come to carry you home
And all will turn to silver glass
A light on the water, all souls pass

Hope fades into the world of night
Through shadows falling out of memory and time
Don't say we have come now to the end
White shores are calling, you and I will meet again
And you'll be here in my arms, just sleeping

What can you see on the horizon?
Why do the white gulls call?
Across the Sea a pale moon rises
The ships have come to carry you home
And all will turn to silver glass
A light on the water, grey ships pass Into the West.'


Keoni said...

I thought of you when John read this to me off of my cup of coffee from starbucks.

Recipe for happiness: an insatiable curiosity, a joy of discovery, quick to forgive, holds no grudges, love without condition, stay loyal to the death, see the best ignore the rest- wow, we can all learn from mans best friend.

-Nick Bolletieri
Tennis coach.
Though he seems to refer to a dog, mans best friend is Christ.

Your prints are embedded in cement, may them never wash away. I am so thankfull for God to allow you in my life. I new this day would come and thought it would be sooner to tell you the truth. Blessed are those who God has revealed Himself to and that they earnestly seek Him as He has sought us. Much love, for Love never fails.

a hui hou
(see you soon)

Mitzi Adams said...

This is such a beautiful window into your soul. I praise God that He has taken you on this journey of healing and discovery. I am thankful for what He has done in your life. Glory to God. My prayer for you is that the LORD will reveal to you the plans He has for you as you journey into holy land, for I believe that every place you go is holy ground for you. You allow God to consecrate you everyday through the people and experiences you embrace. (I started to say "encounter", but for you...it is always "embrace"!) I pray for your protection, and I pray for continued spiritual renewal, revival, and rest as you seek Him.
I am so thankful to know you.
Blessings on you, Dear One,